Could you ask for more on a Wednesday night?

As every Wednesday, we have dance classes starting at 22:00 and OPEN BAR from 23:00h to 00:30h that starts the BEER PONG (3€ with ESNcard, 4€ without ESNcard). Where?: at @parabarap

If you're interested on playing Beer Pong, just take into acount that you should sign up as soon as possible. And, don't worry if it's your first time playing beer pong and you don't really know how it works! It's pretty easy. Here we let you know the basic rules you have to follow when participating in our Beer Pong!


- When you throw the ball, make sure your elbow is behind the line on the table. If your elbow passes that line, the shot does not count.
- When you throw the ball, you can make it bounce off the table. However, if you do it that way the opposing team can take it or hit it so it does not go inside the glass.
- When you throw the ball bouncing off the table and it goes inside a glass, it counts like two glasses that have to be taken away.
- When the ball rolls inside the glass, girls can try to stop it blowing it and boys should take it out with their fingers
- When the team who's throwing the ball gets one inside the opposing team's glass, and another ball gets inside the same glass, they have already won the match (that is why you have to take away the glass as fast as you can).

See you!

January 15th to January 16th
3€ (beer pong)
What's included: 
  • Dance lessons, beer pong and open bar
Last modified: 
14/01/2020 - 00:27
  • Everyone is invited.