One of our favourite activities is here again! Yaaaay!!!

WHAT IS AN “INTERNATIONAL DINNER”? It is the perfect occasion for you to show off your cooking skills and to present the food treasures from your country or city. You don’t have to do this alone; you can meet with a group of people from your country to cook something and bring it. This activity is about cooking food from your country (or something you just really like) and getting together in one place in order to share it and try different things.

This time, you can also bring your own drinks (booze hehe) so we can share a unique and a nice experience.

So... you better start thinking what you will bring on Thursday and please don't eat too much at lunch time because it's going to be a huge dinner!

- WHEN?: Thursday 12th of Septemberl at 21:30h.
- WHERE?: Parabarap.

See you there!
#BeErasmus #BeESN

September 12th to September 13th
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