Alicante De Fiesta is organizing a huuuuge party the 10th of June starting from 13:00 to 21:30 at IFA (Carretera N-340, km 731, 03320 Elche, Alicante).

There will be a macro barbecue where meat and vegetarian food will be served for free. You will be able to have fun not only eating or drinking but also by competing in a Beer Pong championship, riding a mechanical bull, enjoying a foam party... etc.

Tickets are almost sold out, but ESN gives you the chance to go for only 10€ with your ESNcard (15€ without it).

The organization group has enabled buses to go to the IFA from
the main entrance of Alicante University, so if you decide to go by bus you can get your round ticket for only 3€ from this link:, and even though the party starts at 13:00pm, you can decide what time is best for you if you want to be later, but keep in mind you have to be always on point!

You can get your BBQ tickets coming to our office ;) See you!

How can I get the bus ticket for heading to IFA?

You can by for 3€ your round ticket in the following link:

June 19th
10€ with no bus
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11/06/2019 - 18:07
  • Everyone is invited.