Need to make a shipment comfortably and economically? Do not look any further!

DHL offers Erasmus and ESN members of one  discount of 30% on all shipments .  

Use our discount this link and send anywhere. It is very easy, you just have to create the online tag following these 3 easy steps:

Create your label
Print it out and paste it into the box
Take your shipment to the nearest collection point.


Find it in  There are over 3,700 on the mainland and 65,000 in Europe!

The aim of DHL Parcel is that shipments reach the first, so it makes available to the recipient delivery alternatives, to receive their shipments even if you are not at home. You can for instance change the delivery date, choose another recipient (neighbor or caretaker) or select a nearby point of delivery. And if you want, you can also send directly to any of the 65,000 collection points for DHL Parcel at European level.

DHL solves your #ErasmusPickingDrama


Redeem your discount:

Use our discount using at this link and ship wherever you want. It's very easy, you just Have to create the online label by following These 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Create your label on
  2. Print it and paste it on the box
  3. Take your shipment to the nearest Service Point.
  • 30% discount on all Their shipments