Recruiting Erasmus


Recruiting Erasmus is a job site for international students.

Recruiting Erasmus is an innovative project set - up by  PeopleMatters  Aimed at providing contact Between  partner companies  and you, students Who:

  •  Currently are taking university courses or Have just completed them outside of Spain, through the Erasmus Whether or any other like international program.
  •  Are foreign students Who Have Chosen Spain as your destination and would like exchange to branch into the professional world here or return to your country of origin hand in hand with one of our partner companies.


How does it work?

Contact is made through our website. Register  here  to join the recruitment process and partner company to enjoy the different Also commercial  advantages  we offer you other Associated With companies. 

The website you detailed information on Gives our  partner companies  and the  employment opportunities  They are offering.

During the registration process Recruiting Erasmus it is extremely Important That You complete all the fields Indicated. Also it is essential You have anupdated CV so the program's companies can contact you.

If You have international academic experience, register in Recruiting Erasmus and update your profile. Major companies May be seeking you out!