The ESNcard  is the card that identifies you as a member of ESN .

You have access to all the advantages offered by ESN Alicante and other ESN that exist in Europe (more than 300!). This means you can not only use it in Alicante but also when traveling in Europe or when you return to your hometown.

Introducing the ESNcard can take advantage of the many offers and discounts from our partners (transport, accommodation, culture, food, bars, stationery, clothes, etc).

And most importantly, this card will allow you to attend the activities and trips that ESN prepares for you and your friends with the goal to have the best international experience.

How to get ESNcard

Too easy!

Just come to our office and bring a photo (size ID / card) and 10 € (the cost of ESNcard)

And you're done! We will make your ESNcard in a few minutes.

Frequent questions
  • How much does the ESNcard? 
    In Alicante the ESNcard costs 10 € (in other cities the price may vary).
  • Who can get the ESNcard? 
    Only incoming international students. If you are a student outgoing, you have to ask at your university.
  • How long my ESNcard will be valid? 
    The cards are valid for 12 months from the time it is delivered.
  • What do I do if I lose my ESNcard? 
    Contact us and we will inform you how to get a new one ;)
  • Can I use the ESNcard for student discounts? 
    The ESNcard only assures you that you get discounts and offers with our partners. No use to get discounts for students.